Short cut to looking a right prat

Kevin Keegan
Kevin Keegan
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Oh dear, oh dear.

The heatwave is leading men into a rash decision. As if baring cankles, inches of hairy, Daz-white flesh and knobbly knees to the world at large weren’t bad enough, the thigh’s the limit for shorts again. Debenhams say male shoppers are snapping up the shortest of shorts.

Flashing loads of leg may make them feel cool, but sartorially, it so isn’t. Who do these men think they look like? Daisy Duke? Kevin Keegan?

Don’t let your bloke do it. Before you know it, he’ll be prancing around in Seventies-style satin running shorts like a latter day Emlyn Hughes and sporting a bubble perm (remember, the tinier a player’s shorts got, the bigger his hair got).

Then it’ll be Speedos.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.