Short-changed by currency shops

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BIG differences in the cost of changing money in English cities were revealed in a survey which showed Sheffield customers were losing out.

Which? changed £500 into euros at 10 locations and received 565 here - compared to 578 in Glasgow.

In contrast Thomas Cook paid out 585 euros here and just 553.80 in Manchester, a difference of £25 - potentially enough to pay for your taxi to the airport.

Marks & Spencer offered the same rates nationwide, while Sainsbury’s rates showed no significant regional variation, according to Which?

Online providers also had big differences in rates making it vital for travellers to shop around.

ICICI, an online provider, quoted an average of 587.15 compared to HSBC’s online rate where the average fell to 562.78.

That’s a difference of almost four per cent - which could leave you as much as £21 worse off on a £500 currency exchange.