Shoppers watch on in shock as group of women start mass brawl in Meadowhall

Children watched on in shock as a group of women began violently attacking one another in a terrifying mass brawl in Meadowhall yesterday.

Thursday, 22nd June 2017, 1:58 pm
Updated Tuesday, 18th July 2017, 8:39 am
Meadowhall, Sheffield

The fight broke out at around 8pm on the ground floor in Meadowhall last night with around 30 men and women getting involved.

A video captured from inside the shopping centre shows two groups of women fighting amongst each other as friends try to separate them.

The two groups continue to shout and swear at one another before one woman is punched in the face and then dragged onto the floor by another.

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A member of staff tries to intervene and console the woman, but she then makes her way back to the main group to target another woman.

The women are temporarily broken up by a group of men as children watch on. The women continue shouting and pointing at one another as they are dragged apart.

As two women are then seen walking away from the scene, one promptly turns and runs back towards the main group before she is led away by her friend.

A video of the fight was viewed and shared thousands of times on Facebook before it was deleted last night.

Horrified residents took to Twitter to ask why there was no response from the security or police inside Meadowhall.

Paul Broadhead tweeted South Yorkshire police asking: "Two groups fighting outside o2 shop tonight in Meadowhall and no response from security or police! Thought there was extra security?"

However, a spokesperson for Meadowhall tweeted in reply stating that their security team were on the scene "within seconds" of being made aware of the fight.

They added that this was now a police matter. South Yorkshire Police has not responded after being approached for comment.