Shoppers’ verdict on new Sheffield market

Artist's impression of new market hall to be built on The Moor
Artist's impression of new market hall to be built on The Moor
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Shoppers think Sheffield’s £17.5m new Moor Market will improve the city after The Star revealed work is set to start soon.

But some Star readers said the money could be spent better elsewhere – like on improving roads in Sheffield’s highways PFI.

Work is to begin on the market in two months time, 14 years after the project to replace ageing Castle Market was first proposed.

Ashley White - a fan of The Star on Facebook – said the market was ‘a great place to shop’ especially in tough times.

He added: “Sheffield money goes to Sheffield-based traders, keeping the money in the economy.

“It’s such a shame Castle Market is such a god-awful place in a terrible location, why would they want to leave it where it is?

“The Moor Market just makes sense surely?”

Emma Louise Lomas added: “It will make the city centre look much better. I never go down the Moor usually.”

Yet the news has split opinions.

Martin Scott said it was a ‘waste of money’ and the market should stay where it is.

Phil Foster added: “£‎17.5m, they could put that towards the budget for relaying the roads.”

The market is expected to open on November 4, 2013. Funding will be borrowed by Sheffield Council.

The market will house 200 stalls and shops.