Shoppers’ opinions divided on future of Moor Market

Stock Pic Sheffield Moor Market
Stock Pic Sheffield Moor Market
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Shoppers have mixed views on the Moor Market after council bosses claimed its revised business plan was a success.

City centre chiefs claim the new plan is successful after trader occupancy rates rose from 70 per cent to 82 per cent since rents were slashed by half amid difficult trading conditions.

Despite the market being in debt by £500,000, Sheffield Council hopes footfall will increase over the festive period.

Some 15 new traders have opened a stall in recent weeks – or are due to move in soon. Shoppers and Star readers have mixed views about the market’s future.

Kerry Pennington said: “The new market is an absolute waste of time and money – it’s not a patch on the old markets. Most of the stalls are empty, it’s set out all wrong. The atmosphere is non-existent.”

Jamie Swords said: “I’ve been once since it opened, it’s not a patch on the old markets and even though the stallholders are trying their best there isn’t enough stall diversity and the parking is rubbish.”

Other readers loved the new stalls and believed things would improve once the regeneration of The Moor was finished.

Time to Believe said the market can play a role in The Moor becoming an attractive shopping destination.

They wrote: “Clearly trading conditions were always going to be a bit tough until further regeneration of The Moor takes place and overall footfall in this part of the city centre and the city centre as a whole increases.

“Hopefully the vision for The Moor will pay off, we all need a little patience in the meantime.”

Aimie Pleass said it was much cleaner and less smelly than the historic Castle Market.