Shopkeeper hits back at Sheffield anti-fur campaigners

Protestors outside Big Dick's Board Store on Infirmary Road (did not wish to be named)
Protestors outside Big Dick's Board Store on Infirmary Road (did not wish to be named)
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AN ANGRY shopkeeper has hit back at animal rights activists she claims have unfairly targeted her.

Diane Green, owner of Big Dick’s Board Store on Infirmary Road, sells a number of products in her Sheffield shop made using animal fur.

In the past three months, she has been bombarded with letters and social media messages from a small group of Sheffield protesters urging her not to stock fur.

Earlier this month, she posted a statement on her company’s Twitter account, agreeing to halt all future orders and cease selling fur – but not before she has sold off her remaining stock.

The action prompted the group to take to the streets to protest outside her shop, carrying placards bearing disturbing pictures of skinned animals.

Diane, aged 55, said: “It’s quite frightening having them all out there and I haven’t had a single customer in the shop since they showed up, this isn’t right.

“People are entitled to their opinion, but they shouldn’t be able to prevent someone from running their business.

“I understand they’re promoting animal rights, but what about my human rights?

“They told me I would continue to have blood on my hands until I had got rid of my stock, but I told them these are animals that are already dead.

“I can’t bring these ones back to life and I’m not prepared to lose this money.”

One protester, James Deacon, said that his group dreams of a fur-free Sheffield and that they will not be happy until Big Dick’s gets rid of its remaining stock.

“We understand they don’t want to lose any money, but I would argue that, in the long run, they’ll probably lose more if they have a sustained campaign of people protesting and demonstrating outside their store,” said James.

“Around 40 million animals are still killed every year for the fur industry –that’s a shocking statistic.

“With so many fake fur options around, there’s simply no excuse for this kind of cruelty to continue, but in order to make a difference we all need to stand up and say that together.”

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