Shop owner stripped of alcohol licence after underage drinkers hospitalised

Off-licence in Crookes  which may have its licence revoked after selling to underage children
Off-licence in Crookes which may have its licence revoked after selling to underage children
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A Sheffield off-licence owner who sold booze to underage youngsters has been stripped of his licence.

The HK Off Licence and Mini Market in Crookes had its licence revoked by Sheffield Council’s licensing board today after it was revealed that three youngsters had been hospitalised after buying illicit booze.

A parent of one of the children has welcomed the decision to take away the licence.

The boy’s father said: “It was extremely distressing and worrying witnessing the effect the alcohol had on our son and I hope no other parent has to go through the same ordeal.

“If it hadn’t been for the kindness of strangers who brought our boy home when they found him drunk in the park I shudder to think what may have happened next.

“He had cuts and bruises all over him, he was in a terrible state.

“He was dangerously drunk and it was obvious he needed hospital treatment and fast. I have never been so scared in my life as I watched a team of doctors and nurses cutting off my son’s clothes and putting him on oxygen to revive him.”

Sheffield City Council’s Safeguarding Children’s Board made various submissions to the hearing, including stating the shop owner Srinivas Vangol had failed to address concerns and did not attend the training offered free of charge by the Safeguarding Children Board, despite several referrals.

Coun Jackie Drayton said: “I am appalled that this shop owner could behave so irresponsibly and flout the licensing laws. As a member of the business community he has a part to play in making sure all children and young people are protected – the contempt and disregard this man showed to safeguarding children is shocking. 

“This was a dreadful situation for the young people and their parents – children cannot absorb alcohol in the same way an adult can. 

“I’m just glad this did not end in a terrible tragedy, as it could have done.  This was not a one off incident so I‘m pleased that the Licencing Board have taken away this licence.”