Shoesday fundraiser

Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) Support UK's annual schools fundraiser will take place on July 11, and the charity is looking for local schools to take part in this event.

Monday, 15th May 2017, 6:24 am
Updated Tuesday, 16th May 2017, 1:27 pm

The idea is simple, ask staff and pupils to come to school in odd shoes and to donate £1 to Spinal Muscular Atrophy Support UK. You could wear wacky shoes, crazy laces, odd socks or even customise your shoes with some decoration. SMA Support UK is a small charity and with your support we can help make a big difference to the lives of families affected by SMA.

Spinal muscular atrophy is a rare, genetically inherited neuromuscular condition. SMA may affect crawling and walking ability, arm, hand, head and neck movement, breathing and swallowing. SMA is often grouped into types. Types of SMA are based on the age at which symptoms first appear and what physical ‘milestones’ a baby or child is likely to achieve. Sadly, usually due to breathing difficulties, most children with SMA Type 1 rarely survive beyond two years of age. We provide information, emotional support, practical advice and guidance to families affected by SMA.

SMA Support UK supports and empowers anyone affected by spinal muscular atrophy. They are advocates for better services and access to new treatments, raise public awareness and fund research initiatives.

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To sign up for this fundraiser go to our website

For more information about our shoesday please email [email protected] or phone 01789 267520.

Yvonne Wright

SMA Support UK

Give Corbyn a chance

When I last wrote to The Star a couple of months ago, I was praying for an early election and at last one has been called. Voters now have an opportunity to get rid of the divisive, penny pinching Tory government and replace it with a caring and fair Labour government under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership.

Since I last wrote the fat cats have got richer and the poor rely on food banks. The national debt has not decreased and is not likely to under the current austerity economy. The NHS sinks deeper into crisis, with ever greater numbers of medical staff struggling to provide the best service, and reluctantly leaving the profession. The transport system has become fragmented and chaotic and should be renationalised.

The Tories are intent on making the justice system and education balanced against the disadvantaged. The government are over-riding local opposition to allow fracking. I could go on, but I’m sure you get the message. The Tory campaign is once again making grand promises that can be abandoned very quickly in the future. Don’t be fooled by their constant repetition. As for the funding of Labour’s economic policy, abandoning Trident and passing legislation to ensure big business pay their taxes in the UK, would go a long way towards providing a strong economy. So vote Labour, and give Jeremy Corbyn a chance.

Mrs W Francis


Bright Bus Company

I’m writing regarding the recent news about the Bright Bus Company.

In 2016 my grandson and I went to the South Yorkshire Transport Museum in Rotherham and while there we bought a model bus from one of the stalls.

The man who ran the stall told him to take care of it as it was a rare Hong Kong bus.

We then went into the little cafe for a drink and two gentlemen came and sat at our table.

My grandson began to talk to them and show them his new bus.

What is interesting is that these two men made the actual real buses up in kit form.

These kits were made in Sheffield/Rotherham before being sent to Hong Kong to be built for their transport department.

When I read that Mr Strafford got his buses from Hong Kong, I thought what a huge coincidence that is.

Mollie Hickman

by email

I’ll drive when I want to

The King of Saudi has now granted permission for the women in the country to be allowed to drive and travel without a man’s permission. Lucky women eh, getting to do things that we women can do any day we want to.

Jayne Grayson

by email

Don’t worry Theresa

Good for you Theresa for threatening those bullies in the EU. Put up a strong stance like Maggie Thatcher would have done.

But do not worry Theresa, as you know Britain always paid the lion’s share to fund the EU and because the UK has left the union, all the rest of the EU will eventually break up.

J Bull


There won’t be much left

Pete Godfrey of Stocksbridge, if we succumb to closing down every public facility because of a few druggies there wouldn’t be much left for the rest of us.

I understand your concerns but it’s up to the council and police to stamp out this menace so that people can roam freely in our parks and enjoy what we have.

Oh and my brain is operating nicely thank you.

EB Warris

by email

Compassion and respect

Just watched Premier Years on Sky sports 2011 to 2012 when Manchester City won their first title!

I feel sick that they are still showing disgraced Adam Johnson celebrating in some matches and in the celebrations when they win it.

It’s massively disrespectful to the family of the girl he abused.

Sky should show more compassion and respect.

Russell Watt

by email

Let’s open canals again

Re Brexit, when it comes to the benefits of staying in the EU, we need the security and economic prosperity of countries like Portugal, Spain, Eire and especially Greece, don’t we? Yeah, right! But seriously, would it be possible to open the canals system and get most of the freight off the roads, easing air pollution etc?



Bet bosses are laughing

I remember The Star headline years ago, Sheffield has won the World Student Games.

We were then told no other city in the world would touch it with a bargepole. We are still paying for it now.

I bet Peel Holdings’ top management are still rolling on the floor laughing after Sheffield Airport was given away for £1.

R Johnson


Never have, never would

Lee Johnson, what I said was ‘as a woman of certain standards’. He goes on to say if it is humiliating, don’t do it. I for one never have, never would. I found happiness in marriage, I don’t need to show my body off.

B Wilkinson