Shocking video emerges of Doncaster racegoers brawl amid 'spitting' claims

The scene of the altercation in Doncaster. Picture: GoogleThe scene of the altercation in Doncaster. Picture: Google
The scene of the altercation in Doncaster. Picture: Google
Shocking video footage has emerged appearing to show racegoers getting into a huge fight with a passing driver after they allegedly spat at his vehicle.

The video captures a group of men in suits and shirts drinking outside a Doncaster town centre pub shortly after the St Leger Stakes race finished at nearby Doncaster Racecourse on Saturday.

The clip, shot on a mobile phone and shared on social media, shows the group becoming rowdy after it is claimed some of them spat at a VW Golf car on the corner of Sunny Bar.

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The motorist stops the vehicle, gets out and squares up to the men as the violent scenes began to escalate.

It shows a woman in white shoes and a pink suit try to hold back a man in a beige shirt, but he and the angry driver exchange several blows in the confrontation.

The video was shot by a man sat in a car close by, who said: "It happened after the St Leger horse racing in Doncaster. I was just coming back and there was some confrontation in front of me.

"The red car drove past and the guys spat on the car so the driver got out. There was just no need for it all.

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"The two main guys were throwing punches at each other and there was a bit of argy-bargy with other people in the group and passengers in the car."

He added: "There was lots of shouting and swearing but luckily nobody was hurt. It wasn’t what I was expecting after a leisurely day at the races.

"They need to keep their emotions in check."