SHOCKING VIDEO: Brutal bully delivers savage beating to inmate inside Doncaster jail

This shocking mobile phone footage shows the moment an inmate was savagely beaten by a fellow prisoner - apparently inside a Doncaster jail.

Thursday, 8th September 2016, 4:51 pm
Updated Monday, 12th September 2016, 4:05 pm
The inmate cowers during the attack which supposedly took place at HMP Lindholme. (Photo: YouTube).


Filmed on an illegal mobile phone smuggled into Doncaster's Lindholme Prison, the clip shows a tattooed inmate landing a series of punches on a younger prisoner.

The Daily Mirror has said the incident was allegedly a racist attack.

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In the shocking footage the man can be seen towering over the smaller, younger man and lays into him as he cowers on a bed, the newspaper reported.

The prisoner appears to be wearing cage fighting-style gloves as he dishes out the beating, with the younger inmate screaming as the relentless assault continues.

A second lag, who appears to be the one filming the incident, encourages the yob to "give him some rude shots", and aim for the young prisoner's face.

As the younger prisoner is smashed across the head, he can be heard asking his accomplice "shall I break his leg?" as the inmate covers his face and whimpers.

In a second video, which appears to be of the same attack, the brutal attacker commands the frightened con to "Get up and go."

"Sit up," he says, "You need to get up. Stop cowering man. If I ask you again I'll knock you straight out."

The younger inmate protests, saying he feels dizzy, and pleads with the yob saying: "I don't want to fight. I'll do what you say."

In a bizarre attempt to reassure the terrified inmate, the brute says: "I'll give you one punch and I'll let you go."

Both videos were posted online by a woman claiming to be the victim's mother.

The woman claimed she had been sent the videos of the brutal beating by the attackers themselves.

According to the Mirror, she said her son, was targeted in a racist attack. "This is how they look after my son," she added. "Thanks prison service , thanks HMP Lindholme."