Shocking pictures: '˜Bag of bones' dog found dumped by canal in Doncaster

This is the shocking state a dog was found dumped and collapsed at the side of a canal in Doncaster weighing just HALF of what it should.

Tuesday, 19th December 2017, 11:42 am
Updated Tuesday, 19th December 2017, 11:50 am
The shocking state Ollie was found in.

The poor lurcher weighed just 15.6k - half what a normal, healthy dog of his age and size should weigh and was found in Stainforth.

Now the RSPCA is appealing for information after the severely emaciated and malnourished dog was found staggering around a field by a canal off Doncaster Road last week.

RSPCA inspector Jennie Ronksley attended to collect the dog and rushed him to the vet after being alerted by a member of the public.

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RSPCA chiefs described the lurcher as a bag of bones.

She said: “He was literally a bag of bones, you could see every single bone poking out of his skin.

“It’s a miracle he was still alive to be honest. It was so cold and he was so thin that there is no way he could have survived outside in that state for long. He also couldn’t stand or walk properly, which is why I believe someone has driven him there and dumped him deliberately.”

The lurcher, thought to be around three-years-old and nicknamed Ollie, was rushed to a vet where he weighed in at just 15.6kg - half of what a healthy, male lurcher should weigh after being found on December 11.

“I have two lurchers and they weigh between 28kg and 30kg,” Inspector Ronksley added. “Ollie was painfully skinny, he was skeletal. There isn’t an ounce of flesh on him, just bone and fur.

The dog was found in Stainforth.

“I had to carry him to my van and then lift him out and carry him into the vets. But, when I put him down in the waiting room, he got up and made a beeline to the shelves stuffed full of bags of food. He was obviously starving.”

Ollie had lots of tests and was taken in by a foster carer who is now working to rehabilitate him and build up his weight and strength. He has gained 2.5kg in weight in just a week.

“He is much brighter and much happier now,” inspector Ronksley added. “He’s even got the energy to wag his tail again.”

And inspector Ronksley is now investigating how he came to be so emaciated. She’s appealing for anyone who recognises Ollie or who may have information about where he’s come from to contact the RSPCA’s appeal line on 0300 123 8018 and leave a message for her.

Ollie weighed just 15.6kg.

“Someone somewhere out there will recognise Ollie, might have seen someone dumping him in Stainforth last week, or may even be suspicious that a dog like him use to live next door to them but has now disappeared,” she said.

“It’s absolutely despicable to allow a dog to get into a state like this and, to then simply abandon them to die instead of seeking veterinary advice, is unthinkable.”

This winter, the RSPCA expects to receive 2,000 calls a day about animals who, just like Ollie, are in desperate need at Christmas time. To make sure the RSPCA can help many more dogs like Bentley this festive season, please make a donation to the RSPCA’s Kindness at Christmas Appeal by visiting

The dog is now making a good recovery and putting weight on.
RSPCA chiefs described the lurcher as a bag of bones.
The dog was found in Stainforth.
Ollie weighed just 15.6kg.
The dog is now making a good recovery and putting weight on.