Shocking images of graffiti '“ taken by one man in 15 minutes

Graffiti Photo: Vin MaloneGraffiti Photo: Vin Malone
Graffiti Photo: Vin Malone
Shocking photos show the spread of illegal graffiti in the city centre '“ all taken within 15 minutes' walk of each other by a Sheffield resident.

He discovered that businesses, garage doors and empty properties were covered in tags – some are even in difficult-to-reach places including at the top of multi-storey buildings which taggers would have had to climb up to access.

Vin said: “Most of it is really terrible but one or two are absolutely brilliant.

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Graffiti on Arundel Street Photo: Vin MaloneGraffiti on Arundel Street Photo: Vin Malone
Graffiti on Arundel Street Photo: Vin Malone

“Chimo Holdings on Arundel Lane looks as though its had its windows covered in paint.”

He added: “Somebody must see these vandals – why aren’t they reported?”

Other residents have told The Star that graffiti is also a huge problem where they live.

It comes after the public and business owners called for offenders to stop spraying paint on buildings as The Star launched our Clean It Up campaign.

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Arundel Street Photo: Vin MaloneArundel Street Photo: Vin Malone
Arundel Street Photo: Vin Malone

Lois Burley, from Stannington, said there has been a ‘hideous growth of graffiti everywhere’.

She added: “Sheffield should look immaculate and not have every road into it scrawled with tags.”

Paul Douglas Allonby said the graffiti is giving a poor first impression to visitors coming into the city.

He said: “I’ve even seen it on trees and memorial benches.

Graffiti on Eyre Street Photo: Vin MaloneGraffiti on Eyre Street Photo: Vin Malone
Graffiti on Eyre Street Photo: Vin Malone

“It is a disgrace to the city – heaven knows what rail passengers travelling through Heeley think.”

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Another reader said: “I agree that Abbeydale Road and on to London Road into the city centre is an absolute disgrace with these stupid tags.

“In many cases it’s the same half dozen or ‘names’ that are scrawled and let’s face it, it’s not kids or even teenagers that are primarily responsible for this mess as these tags appear in the early hours.”

“Sheffield lost the impetus on this issue years ago after Simon Sunderland, ‘FISTA’, was released early from jail, supposedly having learnt his lesson and turned his life around.

“His stiff sentence, had it been served in full, would have sent out a clear message to others.”

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