Shocking footage captures the moment overtaking 'idiot' forces oncoming car off the road

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Motorists on Woodhead Pass were left incensed after a dangerous driver forced another motorist off the road.

In the shocking footage, the car can be seen overtaking a white van on a bend before quickly weaving back inside.

Dangerous driver - Credit: @nuphoric

Dangerous driver - Credit: @nuphoric

The driver then instantly speeds out again to overtake the motorist filming the footage on his dash cam.

As the road bends round again, the driver can then be seen flashing at the car in front before briefly indicating and speeding past.

The motorist narrowly avoids an oncoming car on the blind bend as he continues to again flash the car in front.

They then overtake a fourth time, this time attempting to overtake multiple cars including a huge HGV.

The driver is barely able to swerve back in time ahead of the HGV and forces an oncoming car off the road and, luckily, into a lay by.

A driver filming the incident on his dash cam tweeted the footage to Derbyshire Police, describing the 'idiotic' motorist as driving very dangerously.