Shocked residents spot snake on the loose on Sheffield street

Snake in Sheffield - credit: Claire Lloyd McHugh
Snake in Sheffield - credit: Claire Lloyd McHugh
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Residents were left shocked this afternoon when they spotted a snake slither across a Sheffield street.

Claire Lloyd-McHugh took to Facebook to warn residents that a corn snake was on the loose 'slithering across Hollythorpe Road'.

After ringing the RSPCA, Ms Lloyd-McHugh said she tried to cover the snake with a recycling box but it had 'slithered off by then'.

She said: "Has anybody lost a snake? Spotted a cream/orange snake slithering across Hollythorpe Road about 20 minutes ago.

We rang the RSPCA who have suggested it could be a corn snake but as we lost track of it.

"Tried to cover it with a recycling box but it had slithered off by then."

The corn snake is a North American species of snake and is usually found throughout the southeastern and central United States.

They are renowned for their calm temperament, are not venemous are usually live for around 14 years.

Experts have advised that corn snakes rarely bite, even if frightened or hurt. If they do bite, the bite from a hatchling 'usually causes no pain at all'.

RSPCA senior scientific officer in wildlife, Nicola White, said: “Corn snakes are one of the most commonly-kept exotic pets - and they are particularly good at escaping.

“Exotic pets such as corn snakes, have increased in popularity and the RSPCA do receive a high numbers of calls about reptiles.

“These are amazing animals but they can be challenging to care for properly. We are really urging people to do their research before they take on a reptile, or other exotic animal, as a pet, so they are confident that it is the right pet for them and that they can provide everything the animal needs for its whole life - which could be many years.

“With many rescued snakes in need of a home, we would also like people to visit rescue centres if they’re confident they can provide one with a forever home.”

Last week, a Sheffield man discovered a snake slithering out of his cereal box and into the dishwasher as he sat down to eat his breakfast.

Fortunately, the snake was unharmed and has now been taken into specialist care.