Shock death of fit man, 25 a mystery

Le Bistrot Pierre, Ecclesall Road, Sheffield.
Le Bistrot Pierre, Ecclesall Road, Sheffield.
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MYSTERY surrounds the death of a fit and healthy Sheffield man who died in the toilets of a city restaurant and wasn’t discovered until the next day.

Daniel Keeble, of Baron Street, Highfield, collapsed after eating a Christmas meal at Le Bistrot Pierre, on Ecclesall Road, with colleagues from construction firm Mott Macdonald.

Concluding an inquest into his death, Sheffield coroner Chris Dorries described the married 25-year-old’s death as a ‘puzzle’, and said he’d never come across another case like it.

He said: “Mr Keeble’s death presents something of a puzzle. We shouldn’t be afraid of puzzles - that’s the way it is sometimes, but I haven’t met a case like this in my 20 year career.

“There is good evidence that Daniel has suffered an anaphylactic reaction to something, most probably an innocent foodstuff.

“It may have been something he had eaten or been exposed to previously without harm.”

Recording a narrative verdict, Mr Dorries said Mr Keeble, a Sheffield University graduate died after a ‘severe anaphylactic reaction, the exact cause of which remains unknown’.

He said there was no suggestion there had been any fault with the food and Mr Keeble had no known allergies.

Pathologist Dr Julian Burton said Mr Keeble suffered an anaphylactic shock which led to a blood clot in his lungs, causing him to die quickly.

Nicholas Dunkley, general manager of the restaurant, said the party ate from the standard December menu and nobody else had suffered an allergic reaction.

The exact meal eaten before Mr Keeble’s death on December 10 last year was not revealed.

Mr Dunkley, who found Mr Keeble’s body in a locked toilet cubicle the next day, said: “The party ate from our regular menu that we ran throughout December. Thousands of people ate from it.”

Mr Keeble’s wife Tessa, whom he met at university and married in 2007, said he was a ‘very healthy’ non-smoker and kept fit playing football and cycling.

But she revealed that in September last year he had collapsed in the toilet at their home after eating a ‘dodgy meal’ for lunch.

On that occasion Mrs Keeble found him collapsed on the floor, red in the face and vomiting.

She said: “I’m at a loss as to why Daniel passed away so suddenly and would like to find out the reason why he died.”

She said she woke to find her husband was not in bed at 5am so called his colleagues and police to report him missing.

Mr Dunkley was not found the night he died because his colleagues thought he gone home early, so collected his belongings.

Staff only made a cursory check of the toilets.

The next day police asked Mr Dunkley to make a thorough check of the cubicles and Mr Keeble’s body was found.