Shiregreen not posh enough for a page?

Double yellow line parking.
Double yellow line parking.
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The kids are back at school and the illegal parking on double yellow lines around our school at Shiregreen goes on.

Several letters to the Chief Constable, The Star, the council, MPs, councillors etc. over the last couple of years has done absolutely nothing.

The whole fiasco around this school has been well documented in the Star’s letters page.

I know that one of my neighbours rang 101 to alert the police on more than one occasion, and couldn’t get through to anyone.

Meanwhile, in The Star there’s pictures of parked cars on Edgefield Road, and the opening paragraph begins, “Shocking images of parking on a Sheffield street”.

There doesn’t appear to be any yellow lines in the pictures, nor any mention of a school and the dangers to schoolchildren.

I notice the cars on the road have had their number plates deleted from the pictures, which is a pity because shaming these drivers might make them think twice.

Perhaps the police could have issued parking tickets retrospectively, as I can’t see how the drivers can’t contest them when they are pictured in the press.

Edgefield Road seems to be in a leafy middle class suburb where, according to Zoopla, the average house price is £239,000.

On Shiregreen the average house price is probably just over a third of that figure.

I doubt we will be getting a full page in The Star about parking.

Perhaps we aren’t posh enough?

Oh, and good luck to those ringing 101.

S Collins

Shiregreen, Sheffield, S5