Shh! Keep quiet on Tramlines

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THAT Tramlines was all right eh?

How many times have you heard that said this week as people reflect on a fantastic weekend in Sheffield.

No trouble, some great music – some pretty ropey too but that’s festivals for you – and lovely weather to give that summertime glow.

As urban music festivals go there can’t be many better – or bigger – in this country and with 175,000 visitors over the weekend it attracted as many as Glastonbury.

All right the top name bands weren’t quite Glasters class but the star quality is improving and in future the names will no doubt want to be involved in something so cool.

But do we really want that?

Even this time there was a hint of overcrowding. The queues were longer and some of last year’s small-scale charm was missing.

Perhaps we need to keep quiet about it.

Say nowt so that people from Glasgow, Leicester and Portsmouth don’t arrive in their thousands to make it more of a security event than a celebration of music and Sheffield in the summertime.

No matter how much you liked it, keep it to yourselves so we can enjoy a few more years before it becomes just another musical box to tick for the nation’s inveterate festival goers.