Sheffield's pride in US steel deal as Forgemasters wins £23m submarine contract

Forgemasters' £23m deal with the US Navy has evoked pride in the people of Sheffield - but some have questioned why the contract has to come from abroad.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 10th August 2016, 11:07 am
Updated Wednesday, 10th August 2016, 12:14 pm
Forgemasters, Sheffield
Forgemasters, Sheffield

The firm announced the major deal yesterday, with chief executive Dr Graham Honeyman calling it a ‘boost’ for its Brightside Lane operations ‘as we work towards our business turnaround plan’.

The company halved its losses to £4.8m last year and bosses hope the US deal will push Forgemasters further towards profit.

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Most people reacted positively to the news. Maureen Chambers said: “Well done Sheffield, our steel is the best. And a thank you to Forgemasters workers.

“My late husband worked there - glad they are still battling on.”

Maria Mccall added: “Well done Forgemasters. It just goes to show Sheffield is good at some things and it’s not all doom and gloom and crime.”

Some people questioned why a UK company had to rely on deals with other countries.

Joe Harrison said: “Just goes to prove that the UK Government doesn’t believe in the UK steel industry. We have to rely on the USA to give us projects. We give the Chinese the contracts to build our navy ships.”

George Broomhead said: “My father worked in B steel for 50 years as an analyst chemist. He loved it.

“I know now he would be up in arms over the way this Government treats the workers.”

Mark Joyce added: “Shame our Government has no confidence in our steel making industry. When we can we the next general election? I didn’t vote on May’s policies.”

And many said the deal showed the UK need not worry about leaving the EU.

Lorraine Wright said: “Maybe now with Brexit we will start using our own companies more. Our ships should be made here.”

Brad Bradshaw said: “Goes to show we can make our own trade link - Brexit all the way.”

And Richard McGowan said: “Best steel in the world, Sheffield steel. And they said Brexit would kill economy. Yeah, as if.”

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