Sheffield's Lord Mayor calls Conservative MP Boris Johnson a 'racist mophead imbecile'

Sheffield's Lord Mayor has launched a stinging attack on Conservative MP Boris Johnson - calling him a 'filthy racist' while wearing a t-shirt with the hashtag #RtHonBigot

Tuesday, 2nd October 2018, 2:56 pm
Updated Tuesday, 2nd October 2018, 3:02 pm
Sheffield Lord Mayor Magid Magid launched a scathing attack on Conservative MP Boris Johnson on twitter

The Mayor should be impartial and non political but Magid Magid broke all the rules when he surprised twitter with a series of insults against the Tory MP.

Magid posted his tweets as Mr Johnson took to the stage at the Conservative Party Conference - which the Mayor described as a 'racist hostile environment'.

Magid, who is a Green councillor in the city, tweeted: 'Boris Johnson isn't funny, Boris isn't harmless. Boris is a posh-speaking, fancily-dressed, racist mophead imbecile. Him being passively accepted as a benign and reasonable potential leader of this country, genuinely makes me sick. #RtHonBigot #BHM2018 #CPC18'

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He included an emoji of a fist and a green heart. Senior politicians are known as Right Honourable while the hashtag #CPC18 is for this year's Tory conference and #BHM2018 refers to Black History Month.

Magid then tweeted: 'As the architects of the racist hostile environment policy meet and squabble at #CPC18, there is a very real chance that despite it being Black History Month 2018, someone who is unambiguously a filthy racist will lead this country without any real challenge or uproar #BHM2018'

Magid also tweeted a photo of himself wearing a black t-shirt with white writing saying 'Don't mind my watermelon smile, BoJo #RtHonBigot'

In the photo, he's smiling as he bites into a slice of watermelon which relates to a comment Mr Johnson once made that African people have 'watermelon smiles'.

Magid tweeted a list of 'unambiguously racist contributions' which he says Mr Johnson has said. These include publishing an article as Spectator editor calling black people inherently stupid and labelling those in Commonwealth countries as piccaninnies.

Magid pinned the tweets to the top of his twitter timeline and within an hour had received 560 likes and almost 200 retweets.

His tweets received a mixed reaction but they are sure to be noted by council bosses ahead of Wednesday's full council meeting - where the Lord Mayor's role is to be an impartial chairman.

It's not the first time Magid has been a political Mayor. He unveiled a list of commandments urging people to never kiss a Tory and he announced he would ban 'wasteman' Donald Trump from the city - prompting the council to issue a statement saying the Mayor didn't actually have the power to ban anyone.