Sheffield's famed artist Pete looks back to childhood summer holidays

Remember those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer when the sun always shone and you thought the days would never end?

Thursday, 17th March 2016, 8:09 pm
Updated Thursday, 17th March 2016, 8:21 pm
Some typical summer holiday scenes of days gone by

Or maybe you remember it was always raining, you were often bored and you had some truly dreary and depressing holidays with the family at a damp boarding house in some miserable resort?

Possibly the reality lay somewhere between the two for most of us.

But, whatever your memories are, a world-famous Sheffield artist is asking you to share them with him and the public at large.

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This is what Pete remembers himself.

“As the school bell rang out for the final time of the year, a mass exodus of kids, high on the prospects of the coming weeks of freedom, away from the drudgery of homework, learning and exams.

“We filed out of school, blinking into the bright sunshine and the dawn of the promised land.

“A whole six weeks of doing everything and nothing.

“We were about to be cast off from the shackles of authority and parental guidance and sent on to the streets.

“We were to be feral for the summer.”

Pete is well known for his paintings that re-create a lost Sheffield from his own childhood.

He is feted around the world but much of his work is still grounded in the city he calls home and his style of work is always instantly recognisable.

Pete was born in 1966 and grew up on a council estate in the city.

His dad Frank was a former steelworker who retired after an industrial accident and his mum Marjorie worked part time at a bakery.

Sadly, she died when Pete was young from cancer.

He said that his parents’ influence on his work is clear in much of his work that evokes memories of places such as the Hole in the Road and Castle Market, as well as his own summer holidays.

Pete’s art is much sought after and he has the A Month of Sundays gallery on Sharrowvale Road.

Crowds always flock to his shows and he has als0 worked with fashion designers and top bands, as well as being a patron of The Sheffield Children’s hospital’s arts charity Artfelt.

His special ranges of Cheristmas cards designed for the charity are a best seller.

Pete is also well known as a member of The Everley Pregnant Brothers ukulele band.

He said: “6 weeks to Eternity will be the story of those lost weeks.

“How we survived, how we enjoyed, how we endured and how we suffered the inevitable boredom of six whole weeks off school.”

6 Weeks To Eternity is a new exhibition by Pete, dedidcated celebrating the school summer holidays of all our youths.

Pete said: “The exhibition will tell the story of the six weeks holiday and I am asking for people to submit their memories of these lost summers.

“These will then be displayed within the exhibition for all to see.

“They will also be included on the 6 Weeks website ahead of the show opening.

“To take part all you need to do is email me your high resolution image and 100 words about the picture to [email protected]

The exhibition itself will be on display for two days only at the Magna Science and Adventure Centre in Rotherham on Saturday May 14 and Sunday 15.