Sheffield's cinemas of the 50, 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s - RETRO PICTURE GALLERY

They were the places where we enjoyed the latest blockbuster and a carton of popcorn - but loads of Sheffield's much loved cinemas of the past are no longer with us.

Tuesday, 12th March 2019, 2:01 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th March 2019, 2:03 pm
The ABC cinema
The ABC cinema

We've gone back in time to find some of the city's favourite picture houses of the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s - how many can you remember?

The Gaumont in Barker's Pool in 1969.
The spacious interior of the ABC as it looked in 1961.

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Fire engulfs the Classic Cinema in Fitzalan Square in 1984.
The Gaumont as it looked in 1953.
The aftermath of the Classic Cinema fire in 1984.
The ABC was a popular choice to catch a movie in Angel Street.
Crowds look on as the Classic Cinema goes up in flames.
The Odeon in Flat Street later became a bingo hall.
The ornate interior of the Gaumont in Barker's Pool in its heyday.
The new Odeon in Barker's Pool in the 1990s.
The ABC in Sheffield described itself as 'Britain's most modern cinema' at the peak of its power.
The Towering Inferno was a box office smash at the ABC in the 1970s.
This cinema was on the corner of Duke Street and Talbot Street.
The Wicker Picture Palace as it looked in 1962.
The interior of the new Odeon in Barker's Pool in 1987.
The Gaumont comes to an end as it is demolished in 1985.
The Gaumont shortly before demolition got under way in 1985.
The Scala undergoes changes in 1953.
The Manor Cinema at Manor Top in 1976
The Anvil in Charter Square in 1985.
The Rex Cinema at Intake in 1975.
The Hippodrome in Cambridge Street.
The Classic Cinema in Fitzalan Square was badly damaged in a huge blaze in 1984.
The new Odeon foyer in Barker's Pool in 1987.
The Cinema House in Barker's Pool in 1960.
The Classic also housed the popular Indus Restaurant within its building.
The Odeon in Arundel Gate as it looked in 1992.
The cinema remains in Arundel Gate but has undergone big changes.
The entrance foyer at the Odeon in Arundel Gate in 1992.
Both The Cinema House and The Regent (later Gaumont) are visible in this evocative shot.
The ABC in Angel Street in 1974.
The Odeon in Flat Street.
The Classic was the victim of a massive blaze in 1984.
The bar area at the new Odeon in 1992.
The Pavilion at Attercliffe in 1971.
The Hallmark Restaurant (formerly The Green Room) at the Gaumont in 1966.
The ABC as it looked in 1965. Also pictured is Cockaynes department store.
Huge plumes of smoke drift over Sheffield following the Classic Cinema fire.
The Sheffield Cinecenta.
The Vistarama Deep Curve Floating Screen at the Studio 7 cinema.
The curtain comes down on the Gaumont in Barker's Pool.
The Gaumont was one of Sheffield's biggest and grandest cinemas at its height.
Studio 5.6.7 at The Wicker in 1982.
The Gaumont can be clearly seen in the background of this shot.
The Odeon in Arundel Gate in 1992.
The interior of the ABC.
The foyer of the new Odeon is ready for business