Sheffielders should not feel any guilt

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I AM afraid that I disagree strongly with Martin Smith’s claim that ‘every newspaper, TV station and internet news outlet… has poured condemnation on (Sheffield’s) name’ following the publication of the Hillsborough Panel report.

The targets of their criticism have been, quite rightly, the South Yorkshire Police; the South Yorkshire Ambulance Service; Sheffield Wednesday FC; Sheffield City Council, Sir Irvine Patnick and the coroner of that time.

Why should ordinary Sheffielders feel any guilt for the despicable behaviour of these people and organisations?

Martin’s article is on a par with David Cameron’s meaningless apology on behalf of ‘the Government and people of this country.’

The people of this country, as a whole, are blameless and include many football fans who could just as easily have been caught up in the terrible events of April 15, 1989.

Paul Kenny S3

Another example of the cover-up by South Yorkshire Police, The Hillsborough Report, was the way they sacked their press officer at the time for giving too much information to the media.

After reports of information being leaked, the force’s Special Branch had been tasked with secretly listening in to phones, including that of the press officer, who was a civilian.

She was subsequently interrogated by Special Branch and sacked by the Chief Constable. Only after a press campaign and an appeal to the Police Authority’s Appeals Committee, consisting of councillors, was she reinstated.

David Holland, (full-time union official who represented the press officer), Shires Close, Sprotbrough, Doncaster DN5