Sheffielders react to news of hung Parliament and Nick Clegg's defeat

After last night's dramatic election results, Star reporter Emily Smith took to the streets to ask Sheffielders their opinion on Nick Clegg losing his seat in Sheffield Hallam.

Friday, 9th June 2017, 1:33 pm
Updated Friday, 9th June 2017, 4:22 pm
Sheffielders react to news of hung Parliament and Nick Clegg's defeat

Paul Whyman, 72 from Sheffield, said he's horrified Nick Clegg lost his seat.

He said: "He's my MP, and I'm absolutely gutted. He did a lot to try and save it. He's the person that negotiated the £1.2 billion for the roads when he was in government. I just can't get my head around it."

When asked about the result of the hung parliament, Paul said: "I think the Conservatives are getting away with too much and it might steady May's hand when it comes to negotiating Brexit."

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Nick Cleggs' failure to hold his seat in this election means his 12-year running of the Sheffield Hallam constituency has come to an end.

Emma Ridley, 35, a Retail Worker from Sheffield, thinks Nick Clegg losing his seat is a massive victory for Labour.

"It shows just how much young voters can change things. The turn out for young people this election was the highest it's been, which just shows what can happen when more people chose to vote."

Emma believed the hung parliament shows how divided our country is. She said: "I hope it's sorted quickly so the goverment can sort out Brexit negotiations properly."

Mrs Rollins, 76 from Sheffield said Nick Clegg deserved to lose the Sheffield Hallam seat. "He shouldn't make promises and then break them, and he should try and support the British industry, which he didn't."

She believes Labour managed to do so well due to promising students reduced tuition fees. She said: "That's how he gained seats, and now Theresa May has fluffed it. They all need to get their act together."

Daniel Sanderson, 22, a student from Cheshire said he thinks this will prove to MP's how important every vote is.

He said: "It's ridiculously close this election - one constituency was decided by two votes. I just hope people realise how important voting is to get a say in the way things are ran."

Lesley Forter, 72 from Rotherham, said she didn't think Nick Clegg would lose his seat.

"I don't know where this election is going to lead us. It's a bit sad that we haven't got a big enough majority to run the country."