Sheffielders are trapped in ongoing nightmare

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Would it be possible for The Star to organise a rescue plan for the majority of the population of Sheffield as we are trapped in the ongoing nightmare of living under a Labour-controlled city council?

Every day Sheffield plunges ever deeper into the mire and loses just a little bit more of its stainless lustre.

Sheffield City Council loves to brag about its credentials as a green city.

In fact a headline recently claimed Sheffield to be the greenest city in the world.

Sheffield is a dump, its only saving grace being the dwindling green spaces where the everyday average bloke and his family can escape the filth and decay that is the reality of living in Sheffield.

On March 11 Sheffield City Council’s Planning Committee gave the go-ahead to South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue’s proposal to build two Fire Stations on greenbelt land.

Is it right that Sheffield loses greenbelt when we have such an abundance of dereliction that could be recycled and brought back into constructive use, something that would make Sheffield “better”?

One of the major points of having greenbelt is that it forces the redevelopment of brownfield sites.

The greenbelt encourages “green thinking”, stimulating regrowth rather than wastefulness.

Sheffield City Council and their “plans” are not in the interests of Sheffielders, are not for the good of Sheffield.

We have had a city centre retail development that never appeared

An airport that was too short to land planes on, which was then closed and the land package sold on for a pound

A world-beating Don Valley Stadium that was built and bulldozed before it was even paid for

The majority of our public libraries marked for closure because of funding issues.

Is this the mark of good leadership?

When will The Star step up to the plate and do what is right?

Sheffield needs change and a new direction because at the moment the only direction we are heading is down.

Lee Swords

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