Sheffielders are always looking on the bright side

Heather Collins, 31, of Hackenthorpe and Kirsty Snee, 32, of Owlthorpe
Heather Collins, 31, of Hackenthorpe and Kirsty Snee, 32, of Owlthorpe
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Smile, Sheffield: we’ve been named the happiest city in the UK.

The city has come out top in a nationwide survey to find the most cheerful residents in the country.

It found we have the happiest locals, with folk being more satisfied than average with their family life, where they live, their shape and weight and their appearance.

Nutrition expert Patrick Holdford, who led the survey, said the reason Sheffielders are so happy is likely to be down to them getting the right amount of sleep.

“Forty per cent said they get a healthy average of seven hours sleep per night, compared to the national average of 34 per cent,” he explained.

“That might be why one in 10 said they never feel stressed or anxious.”

And on the streets of Sheffield, locals didn’t seem too surprised that their home town had been given the accolade.

Jack Cook, of Bradway, said: “It’s just a very approachable place. You hear more chit chat on the buses than you do in quite a few other places.

“The traffic is more polite too – you’re more likely to get let out here from a secondary street. Everybody is just friendly and helpful.”

Wife Sue added: “It’s very friendly and I’m from Lancashire so that’s saying something!”

Shoppers Heather Collins, 31, of Hackenthorpe, and Kirsty Snee, 32, of Owlthorpe, thought the secret to Sheffield’s happiness was that it is such a homely place.

“I’m Sheffield born and bred, it’s where my family are,” said Heather.

Kirsty agreed: “I don’t think I could live anywhere else.”

Harry Keenan, 18, of Broomhill, said: “It’s quite green here and I like that because I’m from London. There’s lots to do here and it’s very cheap.”

And Matthew Booth, 19, of the city centre, said: “It’s just down to the fact that it’s a university city. It’s cheap, outgoing, and you can walk anywhere and see a cheery face. I’m very happy here.”

City residents were also quick to heap the praise on their home city on The Star’s Facebook page.

Lynn Carnall said: “That is because we live in the best city – and it’s the home of Henderson’s Relish. I wouldn’t live anywhere else.”

Jean Jepson added: “I’ve never lived anywhere else and have no wish to move.”

Many also put Sheffield’s happiness success down to its people being such a friendly bunch.

“I think as a people we are happy because we say hey up to each other with a nod or smile,” said Steven ‘Smudger’ Smith.

“It makes the day pass easier.”

Rita Brasoveanu added: “Sheffield is a lovely city, Sheffielders are friendly and helpful.”

And Elizabeth Frampton said: “Sheffielders are always friendly and always care about how you are and always want to help.

“Very hospitable, always got the kettle on and plenty of friendly banter. I missed all that for 15 years when I lived in South Africa, glad I can look forward to life in Sheffield.”