Sheffield man asks mourners to bring children's shoes to his funeral

A Sheffield man asked mourners to bring children's shoes to his funeral in a heartwarming gesture.

By The Newsroom
Sunday, 13 January, 2019, 13:13
Children's shoes donated by mourners at a funeral in Sheffield (pic: Michael Fogg Family Funeral Directors)

It has become commonplace for grieving relatives to ask for charitable donations instead of flowers at services these days.

But one kindhearted man went a step further, asking people to instead bring with them a pair of shoes which could be passed on to a child in need.

Funeral director Michael Fogg explained how the man's own experience of growing up in hardship had driven him to make the unusual request before his death.

And he expressed how touched he was that the man's first thought had been for others, even as he knew death was approaching.

'We can all make a difference. If it's bringing food to our office for the local food bank, or clothes for the homeless, it helps someone,' he wrote as he shared a photo of the donated shoes on Facebook.

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'Even when someone passes away they are thinking of others.

'This gentleman embraced the fond memory of growing up with limited means. As a child he was always excited to get a new pair of shoes.

'His request for his funeral, was for everyone to bring a pair of shoes for kids in need.

'Share in the hope that it gives us all an idea.'