Sheffield youths dicing with death playing on railway tracks

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Sheffield youths seen playing on railway lines are said to be ‘dicing with death’ after an increase of trespass incidents.

Officers revealed three youths were spotted playing on tracks around a mile from Dore and Totley station in the Millhouses area on June 27.

Another incident involved a ten-year-old boy who was trepassing near to the Bradway Tunnel in Dronfield on Sunday, July 3.

Senior police chiefs said the consequences could have been fatal.

Inspector Graham Bridges said: “Sadly we have seen instances of children who thought they were just indulging in some harmless fun, being struck by trains.

“The consequences of playing on the tracks could potentially be fatal. I cannot over emphasise just how dangerous this is.

“Apart from the potential human cost, and the obvious trauma it can cause the driver of a train who spots someone on the line, delays caused by trespass cause massive inconvenience to rail passengers, whose services are delayed or cancelled.”

British Transport Police are calling on parents and schools to do their bit to get the message across that playing near railway lines is extremely dangerous.

Extra patrols are being carried out in the Dore and Dronfield area as part of a range of ‘proactive measures’ to reduce the number of incidents, the force said.

With school holidays approaching, officers are keen to reinforce the message.

Anyone with information call British Transport Police on 0800 40 50 60 quoting reference 342.