Sheffield youth charity expands sexual exploitation work to vulnerable adults

A Sheffield youth charity which works on child sexual exploitation has received funding to continue its work with vulnerable adults.

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Research conducted in Sheffield over the last year found a lack of support for survivors of child sexual exploitation (CSE), and for adults who are at risk of exploitation.

As a result, Sheffield Futures - who run the Sheffield Sexual Exploitation Service - have now been given money to expand their services to 18 to 25-year-olds.

Jane Fidler, Sheffield Sexual Exploitation Service Manager.

Jane Fidler, Sheffield Sexual Exploitation Service manager, said: “The lack of service provision for these vulnerable adults placed them at an increased risk of on-going sexual abuse. We are pleased to have received funding to support vulnerable adults.

“Some of the adults we are supporting have previously been seen by our service which supports young people up to the age of 18 who are survivors of child sexual exploitation.”

The research in to young victims of CSE and continuing adult exploitation was conducted by an adult social worker hosted by the Sheffield Sexual Exploitation Service at Sheffield Futures.

It found 'significant unmet needs' of both survivors of CSE and those at high risk of being sexual exploited as adults.

Work will now focus on the recommendations of the research including mental capacity assessments, publicising the signs of sexual exploitation and research into experiences of adult services.

The Sheffield Sexual Exploitation Service aims to prevent sexual exploitation, protect young people and offer support throughout Sheffield.

The confidential service is made up of youth workers, CSE specialists, healthcare professionals, social care, parent support workers, police and specialist trainers.