Sheffield workers say they deserve £7,500 more pay each year

Sheffield workers think they should be paid an extra 7,500 per year.Sheffield workers think they should be paid an extra 7,500 per year.
Sheffield workers think they should be paid an extra 7,500 per year.
Workers in Sheffield say they deserve £7,500 more pay each year than they actually get, according to a new survey.

The national study by Purple CV revealed that employees in the city reckon they deserve a 35.3% increase and should receive 7.7 more holiday days each year.

People in this region feel they are among some of the most undervalued in the UK when it comes to salaries; whereas the Welsh are most content with their pay.

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Nationally, workers believe they deserve a 36.8% pay rise and 8.3 days more holiday per year - but the majority of workers would prefer more pay over extra holiday

The professional CV writing specialists carried out a survey of 2,500 British workers and found, on average, Brits believe they deserve a 36.8% pay increase (£8,500.43 on top of their current average salary).

North Easterners believe they are the most undervalued, and should be paid 45.4% more per year (£9,700.16).

Those who are happiest with their current remuneration are the Welsh – they would be happy with just £6,298.50 (30%) extra per year.

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Those in Yorkshire and The Humber believe they should be paid 35.3% more per year (£7,504.43).

Purple CV also surveyed workers by industry.

While lawyers get a bad rep as being shark-like, they're actually the industry who feel they deserve the lowest pay rise, at only a 30% increase.

Surprisingly, the industry you might think would ask for the least actually asked for more than the lawyers: charity workers believe they deserve an increase of 32.22%! And despite the high salaries of bankers, they're still not happy, and feel underpaid; deserving 41.43% on top of what they currently earn.

However, workers in the tech industry feel they deserve the highest rise. Despite many tech companies being floated on the stock exchange for gazillions of pounds, they still feel they deserve over 50% more money: 57.69%, in fact.

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The most burned-out region is Greater London – Londoners would love an extra 9.8 days according to the survey. The Welsh had a different outlook, only wishing for 5.8 more days per year.

Finally respondents were asked whether, given the choice, they would choose more pay or extra holiday days. And instead of choosing more time off, 63.2% of us would prefer to take a higher salary. Almost every region across the UK was in agreement, except for East Midlanders where 56% would prefer extra holiday time.

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