Sheffield women earn £3,000 less than men as survey reveals city has one of UK's worst gender pay gaps

Women in Sheffield earn £3,000 less than men – after a new survey revealed the city has the tenth worst gender pay gap in the UK.

Wednesday, 28th August 2019, 10:07 am
Updated Wednesday, 28th August 2019, 16:46 pm
Sheffield women earn £3,000 less than men.

New data released by Paymentsense reveals that on average, women in Sheffield will work for 30 days for free – and on average, are paid £3,414 less than men.

The survey revealed that there is a 11.3% difference between the salaries men and women earn.

Sheffield has one of the UK's biggest gender pay gaps.

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London is by far the biggest offender with 30.40% Birmingham at 17.80%. Leeds is third with 16.30%, followed closely by Liverpool at 15.60%.

According to the study, the best jobs for women to have equal pay are as a PR professional, fitness Instructor and career advisor.

Lauren Ahluwalia, digital marketing manager and Facebook SheMeansBusiness trainer said: “The lack of transparency around pay means that many women do not know their worth and don’t ask for more as a result.

“There’s a general embarrassment around pay and sharing what you earn with others, but this encourages the taboo even more.”

“In the end it’s the corporations that gain from the secrecy around pay by paying women less. But when pay is such a motivating factor for employees, companies could also gain higher productivity when levelling out the pay gap and valuing women’s work”.

“Despite the hefty amount of press column inches, the gender pay gap has earned over the last few years, very little has changed and we still have a long way to come in terms of progress.”