Sheffield woman's thanks to organisers after surgery halts Tough Mudder attempt

A disabled Sheffield woman who entered an endurance race has praised its organisers for giving her a refund when it became clear she needed surgery and could not run.

Monday, 25th July 2016, 5:04 am
Lisa Andrews

Lisa Andrews, aged 40, of Keats Road, Foxhill, was determined to prove her radial dysplasia, a congenital condition which results in defects in her hands and arms, could not hold her back when she signed up to the Tough Mudder event taking place at Broughton Hall in Skipton on August 6 and 7.

But after doctors said she needed urgent surgery to stop her condition getting any worse, she reluctantly decided she was unable to run the race. She explained her position to Tough Mudder and asked for a refund for her £74.63 ticket, but was told she had to provide proof she would never be able to take part in an event again.

However, after The Star contacted Tough Mudder, the firm accepted Lisa’s request.

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She said: “I’m over the moon with Tough Mudder’s final response to my dilemma. It actually feels like other people are listening to my life challenges and doing what’s humanly right.”

A Tough Mudder spokesman said: “Tough Mudder is committed to providing and implementing fair customer service policies.

“We understand situations can occur which prevent customers from attending an event, and we do our best to accommodate within reason when these situations happen. We wish Lisa a speedy recovery and look forward to hosting her at an event in the future.”