Sheffield woman tackled thief who stole her jewels

Jason Lee Mullins
Jason Lee Mullins
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A serial burglar who was tackled and seen off by a brave female householder when he ransacked her Sheffield home and snatched her jewellery deserves every day of his ‘stiff’ prison sentence, top judges have ruled.

Jason Lee Mullins – described in the Court of Appeal in London as a ‘serial and compulsive burglar’ – was confronted by the ‘mature’ householder when she returned to her home in Crosspool.

He and an accomplice had specifically chosen the suburb for its potential for rich pickings, and had broken into the woman’s home in the afternoon.

The woman grabbed Mullins and they both toppled to the ground, prompting a vicious struggle which ended with him fleeing from the house in Manchester Road.

Mullins, aged 43, leapt onto a passing bus clutching jewellery worth several thousand pounds, the court heard, but was caught ‘red-handed’ by police just minutes later.

His victim, who had returned to find the burglary under way, was left shocked and ‘badly traumatised’ by her frightening ordeal, Mr Justice Spencer told the Court of Appeal.

Paying tribute to her ‘great spirit’ in taking on two intruders in her home, the judge added: “She was a lady of mature years who was brave enough to tackle Mullins.

“She took him to the ground and she held on to him until he pushed her away.”

Mullins, of Armitage Road, Deepcar, Sheffield, was jailed for six years and three months at Sheffield Crown Court in December last year after admitting burglary. He later appealed against the length of his jail term.

But Mr Justice Spencer, sitting with Lord Justice Laws and Mr Justice Haddon-Cave, said Mullins had an ‘appalling’ record for previous offences of robbery and burglary. He had drunk around five litres of cider before cooking up his latest burglary plan, travelling specifically to Crosspool to select a ripe target.

His sentence was justifiably ‘stiff’, the judge concluded, dismissing the appeal.