Sheffield woman's 22-year call to the council for action on narrow 'death trap' road

Sue Winger has been calling on the council for the past 22 years to sort out Tofts Lane.Picture: Andrew Roe/The Star
Sue Winger has been calling on the council for the past 22 years to sort out Tofts Lane.Picture: Andrew Roe/The Star
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A Sheffield woman has called for traffic safety measures on a 'death trap road' before 'someone dies'.

Sue Winger, lives on the narrow Tofts Lane just outside Stannington and said she's been onto the council for the past 22 years for them to introduce traffic calming measures.

The 59-year-old said motorists are using the country road as a 'rat run' back into the city to avoid queues on Rivelin Valley Road at peak times.

Despite being a 30mph road, the full-time carer said cars speed down the road at any time of the day.

Ms Winger said she's been to dozens of meetings to make the road safer but the council has not budged. Single access and lowering the speed limit have all been knocked back.

She adds the road has two blind spots and is an 'accident waiting to happen'.

Ms Winger said: "The amount of traffic has increased dramatically. It is a one car wide country lane with no pavements and people enjoy, or used to enjoy walking on here to take in the wonderful scenery that surrounds us here.

"However, more and more it is being used as a rat run between here and Stannington, they come on at speed with no thought for anyone but themselves.

"I have nearly been taken out by a delivery van, late at night driving at stupid speeds and by vehicles which I'm sure were being driven by drunk drivers.

"They say it is acceptable to drive at 30mph on here. So if that is the case, why has Hollins Lane and roads up in Stannington, which are wide roads with pavements either side, have speed restrictions of 20mph?

"I have asked them to put up signage but everything I have asked them to do is refused on the grounds of funding or some non-logical reason."

A Sheffield Council spokesman said: “We would like to thank the resident for getting in touch with us. Due to cuts to our budget, the council has to prioritise traffic management schemes where they are most needed and there have been no reported injuries or accidents on Tofts Lane for at least 10 years.

“It is a rural, single-lane road and our 20mph limit only applies in the urban areas of Stannington.

“We will add this road to our list of traffic schemes which the council could consider if funds become available.”