Sheffield woman produces film to reduce stigma surrounding foodbanks

A Sheffield woman who volunteers in a city foodbank has produced an online film to try to reduce the stigma surrounding them.

Abigail Spooner, aged 20, from Broomhill, teamed up with the charity Fixers to produce the film.

Fixers, set up to give young people a voice, has shared the film on its website.

The film features real life accounts of how people have fallen on hard times and need the foodbanks to survive.

Abigail issues a reminder that foodbanks support people from all walks of life and that thousands of people rely on them daily.

She said she wants people to realise that using foodbanks is a step towards a brighter future for those who use them.

“Food poverty is unfortunately still an issue in the UK today,” she said.

“I’ve been volunteering at a foodbank for around two years, which I’ve found very rewarding. It’s hard listening to people’s tragic stories, but I feel better knowing that I’m making a difference.

“There are often misconceptions of these places and the people who use them.

“However, they support individuals from all walks of life and can often be the difference between eating and going hungry, which is something we should all remember.

“We wanted to challenge the negative stereotypes of those who use foodbanks by sharing real stories. A stable life is something we take for granted, but these experiences can happen to anyone.

“In an ideal world nobody would need foodbanks, but until that day, I hope that people will start to understand the issue of food poverty and the vital job these organisations do.”

To watch Abigail’s film and to find out more about Fixers visit