Sheffield woman live tweets her battle for Lidl Prosecco deal from huge early-morning queue

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Hundreds of Sheffield shoppers woke up early on Saturday to try and get their hands on an incredible Prosecco deal for the Bank Holiday weekend.

Bargain hunters were able to snap up a case of six bottles of Lidl own-brand Allini Prosecco for £20, the equivalent of £3.33 a bottle.

However, competition was fierce for the deal as stocks were limited and many shoppers were left disappointed with the fizz selling out within minutes.

Savvy shopper Emma Windle was determined not to be one of the customers to miss out on the deal when she began queuing for the deal.

Emma took to Twitter whilst still in the queue outside the Lidl store in Mexborough to reveal her ambition to 'snap up the their bargain Prosecco deal'.

She asked her almost 600 Twitter followers to wish her luck before it all got a bit more serious.

Knowing that many would leave the store disappointed, Emma started eyeing up her competition and letting them know she wasn't one to be messed with, regardless of their age.

She tweeted: "I've already snarled at a pensioner on a mobility scooter. He's had his entire life to get Prosecco. #Lidl"

With just two minutes until the store opened, Emma was still updating her followers as the situation grew tense.

It seemed as if the atmosphere was threatening to boil over at one point as Emma warned that nothing would stop her getting her hands on the fizz.

She tweeted: "Already working out who is the weakest in the queue. Ready to take them out with my trolley. Nothing stands between me and #Lidl"

Thankfully her Lidl crusade proved successful as, just five minutes later, she tweeted a picture of two crates of the Prosecco to the delight of her followers.

Emma was not alone in her hunt for the bargain Prosecco as shoppers up and down the country battled to snap up the same deal.