Sheffield woman left scarred after eyebrow wax at Superdrug Meadowhall

A woman from Sheffield has been left scarred after a beauty treatment at a well-known shop in Meadowhall went wrong.

Tuesday, 2nd October 2018, 6:58 pm
Updated Tuesday, 2nd October 2018, 7:12 pm
Emily had been left with a burn to her face after an eyebrow wax at Superdrug Meadowhall

Emily Curtis, aged 17, from the Manor area has been for an eyebrow wax at Superdrug in Meadowhall numerous times, but following her most recent visit she has vowed never to go back.

Emily, who is a support worker for the NHS, has now been left with a scar underneath her brow, after she was burn by the wax. 

Emily had been left with a burn to her face after an eyebrow wax at Superdrug Meadowhall

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She was also not given a patch test for the wax before her treatment, and was not asked to fill out an allergy form. 

She said: 'It stung whilst she was doing it, but I thought it was just the normal pain from the wax. It was only when I went outside that I realised how bad it was. It's the first time anything like this has happened.

'I was supposed to be going on a night out, but I didn't end up going because it was a right mess. I was so upset.

'They never apologised, the manager just said the lady that did it is normally really good.

Emily had been left with a burn to her face after an eyebrow wax at Superdrug Meadowhall

'The manager said she couldn't do anything more than offer me a refund.'

And despite being left with burns from the hot wax, Emily was offered a free eyebrow wax in compensation, to which she declined.

She was also offered a free nail treatment, but as an NHS worker she is not allowed to have painted nails, or nail extensions. 

'It has put me off using their services, I will never go back,' she added. 'They said they'd give the lady more training, but it's just upsetting it's on my face and it looks like it will scar.

The sore underneath Emily's brow is already starting to scar

'It has put me off beauty treatments to a certain extent, if it was before my 18th birthday or my prom it would have completely ruined the day.

'It has made me think about where I go, it's a known organisation which makes it worse. I've spoken to other beauty therapists and they've said it's a lack of training.

'You need to get them to test the wax on their hand first, and the pressure. They didn't even check the heat of the wax.

'It's still red and sore, it's scabbing, but it keeps rubbing on my pillow making it uncomfortable, it's awful.'

Emily took to social media to share her experience, warning others of using the popular beauty service.

Rhian Lowe said: 'I'm a beautician and use wax everyday for my clients eyebrows and have never seen anything like this! For a starter the wax was clearly too hot there's no way I would put wax on my clients eyebrows without testing it on my wrist first '“ not good at all!'

Lianna Sophie Brumley said: 'As being a beautician myself, she has had the wax far far too hot for it to burn your skin like that. It'll take a while for the skin to heal and will scab before it gets better. 

'She should have noticed straight away that she burnt you and should have dealt with it there and then and informed you what to do. This is very unprofessional.'

Superdrug have now apologised to Emily.

Gemma Mason, Head of Customer Experience and Service, said: ''The safety of our customers is of the upmost importance and we would like to apologise to Ms Curtis for her experience.

'At Superdrug we have more than 300 brow bars across the country all of which are manned by trained beauticians with the relevant professional qualifications and required experience.

'We are currently investigating the incident and are in direct contact with Ms Curtis.'