Sheffield woman issues warning to pet owners after her cat is shot five times with air rifle

Stock image of man with air rifle
Stock image of man with air rifle
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A Sheffield woman says her cat will "never enjoy the outside world again" after it was shot five times with an air gun.

Karen Frudd, of Stocksbridge, said that her cat Clyde had been missing for almost three weeks before it finally arrived home late on Saturday night.

However, Ms Frudd noticed that Clyde was unable to walk on his back leg and soon realised that his "life was in the balance."

Ms Frudd told LookLocal that his back leg was just "hanging there" before they rushed him to the nearest emergency vets.

She told LookLocal: "We found out he had a temperature of 103, his breathing was rapid and then they X-rayed him and found his gut wasn't working properly.

"On further X-rays they found they found out some horrible person had shot Clyde five times and all the pellets had lodged in his spine, causing damage to his back leg.

"Clyde was in intensive care at the vets and after two days he was allowed home. He will never be able to enjoy the outside world anymore because one of the bullets damaged his leg."

Ms Frudd has now urged other cat owners to be vigilant and said that anyone who knows who is responsible should report them to the RSPCA.

The warning comes as Cats Protection launch a major campaign for change in the law on air guns, bringing England and Walkes in line with the rest of the UK.

Both Northern Ireland and Scotland already have air gun licencing laws in place, and the charity has now launched an online petition to urge the government to bring in regulation across the rest of the UK.

Cats Protection’s Advocacy Manager Jacqui Cuff said: “Cats and other animals in England and Wales are hugely vulnerable to being the victim of an air gun attack because there is nothing to stop air guns falling into the wrong hands.

“The reality of an air gun attack on a cat is horrific, and around half die as a result of their injuries. Those that survive will endure considerable suffering and may be left with life-long disabilities.

"Owners can face a great deal of upset and huge vet bills and whole communities can be left deeply worried about attacks of this kind in their neighbourhood."

In 2016, 202 cats in the UK were reported in the press as being shot with an air gun. Crucially 90% of these attacks were in England and Wales.

To watch Cats Protection’s campaign video and sign the petition, or find out more about the campaign, visit