Sheffield woman hoping to raise £26,000 for miracle multiple sclerosis treatment

Claire Ripley, who has multiple sclerosis, is hoping to raise 26,000 for miracle treatment.
Claire Ripley, who has multiple sclerosis, is hoping to raise 26,000 for miracle treatment.
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A Sheffield woman with a debilitating disease is making a desperate appeal to fund 'miracle' treatment abroad.

Claire Ripley, who has multiple sclerosis, MS, is hoping to raise £26,000 to pay for 12-day course of stem cell treatment in Russia.

Claire, aged 31, who uses crutches to walk and suffers 'agonising pain' on a daily basis, said the treatment has a 95 per cent of halting the disease in its tracks - and could even return her to her sporty former self.

She said: "It would mean everything to get my old life back.

"Before I was diagnosed with MS, I took simple things like walking and exercising for granted. But when those things are taken away from you, it's totally devastating - that's when you realise just how special these things are.

"Nowadays I cannot walk without crutches, I suffer painful electric shocks through my face and teeth and have a great deal of other pain to contend with.

"I know other people who have had stem cell treatment for MS and it really is a miracle."

Claire, of Hillsborough, said she was diagnosed two-and-a-half years ago after years of increasing symptoms, including: balance problems, muscle weakness, fatigue and vision problems.

"The progression of my disease seems to be quite furious," said Claire.

"I try to continue to work and for my life to remain largely as it was but this is becoming increasingly difficult.

"Having this stem cell treatment would give me the chance to get my old life back, my independence back and would allow me to live again."

Claire, who works for the Home Office when her condition allows, said the course alone costs £26,000 and she is prepared to pay for everything else.

She said: "Annoyingly the treatment cost £19,000 before Brexit, but has now gone up in price. I will pay for everything else."

Claire said she would like to raise money for others with MS if her campaign - and treatment - is a success.

She said: "If I get the opportunity to have this treatment I want to do everything I can for others in the same position."

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