Sheffield woman hit by car killed after running into road

Shaye Farr
Shaye Farr
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A YOUNG woman was killed after being hit by a car when she ran into the middle of a dual carriageway in Sheffield, her inquest heard.

Shaye Farr, aged 24, died at the scene on Hanover Way, Broomhall, after darting out into the path of a black Honda Civic driven by 22-year-old James McCarney.

Sheffield Coroner’s Court heard the church volunteer was thrown through the air ‘like a rag doll’, while another witness spotted her adopting an ‘athlete’s stance’ as she prepared to sprint across the road near her home on Gell Street.

The inquest heard Shaye had a history of depression and heavy drinking and was more than three times the legal driving limit at the time of the tragedy.

Crash investigator PC Adrian Burgoyne said Mr McCarney - who was probably travelling at about 43mph on the 40mph road - would have had ‘little chance’ to react when Shaye ran out from the central reservation shortly before 10.40pm.

Mr McCarney was out driving with a friend on November 12 last year and was heading along Hanover Way in the outer lane from University Square when he saw a figure in the road.

He said he noticed the figure at the junction with Broomspring Lane just after checking his mirrors, as he wanted to change lanes after a silver Citroen drove up quickly behind him.

“When I looked back at the road in my headlights there was somebody there,” he said. “I swerved slightly, but literally within half a second the car impacted with the person.”

Student Mohammed Ibrahim said he was returning home to Broomhall after a night out when he saw Shaye on the central reservation.

He said: “She seemed to be preparing for a sprint across the road.

“She adopted a stance athletes take before the race starts, with both arms raised. She just ran into the road towards me. I remember seeing a car appear from the right and as I got to the crossing I heard a thud.”

Dawn Morris, a support worker at the 911 Project on Filey Street, Broomhall, was one of the last people to see Shaye. The project supports young people with mental health, drug and alcohol problems.

She said Shaye, who admitted drinking about 15 cans of alcohol every week, had visited the project on the evening of November 12, spending time watching TV and drinking lager.

Dawn said Shaye seemed ‘in good spirits, happy and in no way intoxicated’.

Shaye, originally from Suffolk, moved to Sheffield six months before her death to work with the Hope City Church in Attercliffe.

Pathologist Dr Julian Burton said Shaye died from multiple injuries. He said her blood alcohol level would have affected her cognitive and motor function.

Louise Slater, assistant deputy coroner, recorded a verdict of accidental death.