Sheffield wins study into ‘plug in taxi’ scheme to lower emissions

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A study into bringing ‘plug in taxis’ to Sheffield will take place after the city was one of eight shortlisted for a £20 million fund.

The study will look at how the city council could use the money to reduce the cost of creating purpose built electric black taxis and charging infrastructure for them.

The Government will announce the winning scheme from the shortlisted cities in April next year.

Transport minister Andrew Jones said: “These cities have shown they are commitment to adopting greener technology and the government is backing their ambition by showing the benefits a share of £20 million of funding could deliver.”

The studies will cost £30,000, which will be paid for by the Government.

Tackling poor air quality levels is a major challenge in Sheffield, and it is hoped the scheme could help with that work.

Coun Terry Fox, Sheffield Council’s cabinet member for environment and transport, said: “We are very pleased to have reached the shortlist of bidders for this £20 million scheme to improve emission levels from our black taxi cabs.

“The Government will now fund the feasibility studies over the next nine months for each of the eight remaining local authorities to carry out a detailed study on how this could work and reduce emissions from the taxis.

“We were keen to pursue this scheme as part of our aim to reduce emission levels and improve local air quality.

“ We are also working withbusinesses and partners running the bus and commercial vehicle fleets in Sheffield to tackle the issues around emission levels in the city.”

The council will submit a formal bid, following the study, next April and should hear back by next summer.