Sheffield will never reach its full potential

Sheffield busesSheffield buses
Sheffield buses
Linda M Cavanagh

Livingstone Road, S35

While it is very good news to read in The Star that visitors to The Moor are increasing, I feel that Sheffield will never reach its full potential until we have a greatly improved bus service and one that is fit for purpose.

I have always liked shopping in Sheffield, never liked Meadowhall or as I call it Meadowhell.

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When I retired 12 years ago I relished the fact that I would now have plenty of time to visit Sheffield which I didn't have while I was working.

Unfortunately, now I have the time I do not have the inclination. With the bus service we have, more time is spent travelling to and from Sheffield and waiting for buses than you spend in Sheffield.

On the rare occasions that I do venture into the city I think about going for a meal but change my mind and go closer to home.

It is no wonder the retail industry is in such dire straits and people are buying online '“ it is a no-brainer.

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I have almost forgotten what it was like to be able to get on a bus that went straight to town instead of going all round the houses and also to have a choice of buses with reasonable fares.

Of course this was more than 30 years ago, and although I have a free bus pass now, even that can't tempt me into town unless there are no other options.

If we did have a bus service that was fit for purpose and reasonably priced I am sure there would be more passengers on buses and fewer private cars on the road.

Perhaps the people who revise the bus routes and timetables should take to the buses for a month or so and they might realise why so many citizens are dissatisfied.

I won't hold my breath!

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