Sheffield Wednesday star Fernando Forestieri calls in superfans' home for a brew

It's a problem most parents in Sheffield will be familiar with - how do you get your children to come off the games console?

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 2nd August 2018, 9:39 am
Updated Thursday, 2nd August 2018, 9:43 am
Fernando Forestieri and Tom Beighton.
Fernando Forestieri and Tom Beighton.

Dad Andrew Beighton knows the answer - have their favourite footballer pull up outside their home to come for tea.

That was exactly what happened for his 11-year-old son Jake who couldn't drop his PlayStation controller his quick enough when he spotted Sheffield Wednesday forward Fernando Forestieri outisde his Loxley home.

Tom Beighton with the kit he won.

Andrew said: "We went to Owls in the Park and entered a competition to win the new away kit and I got a phone call the next day to say my youngest son Tom had won.

"As part of the competition, they had to write down their favourite player and both my boys' favourite is Fernando and the club said it would be him that'd be delivering it. I didn't tell them that though - I just said someone from the club shop would be delivering it.

"Jake was playing Fortnite and normally we can't him off it but as soon as he saw Fernando pull up outside he just dropped his controller and ran downstairs."

Andrew said Forestieri, who also visited the home of Ethan Brocklehurst-Adams after snubbing him at the Owls in the Park event last month, stayed for around half-an-hour and had a chat with Jake and Tom.

Jake Beighton and Fernando Forestieri

He said: "The boys were a bit shell-shocked when he turned up. He came in gave Tom the kit and had a chat with the boys and then before he left he asked them if they'd got any questions for him.

"Jake asked him if he was going to Swansea because there were loads of rumours at the time."

Jake, Tom and dad Andrew are all season-ticket holders at Hillsborough and have followed the Owls for around five years.

Andrew added: "Tom took the kit out of the wash basket later that week and put it straight back on - he even wanted to sleep in it."

Fernando Forestieri with Jake and Tom Beighton.