Sheffield Wednesday: '˜I'm pleased Carlos Carvalhal is doing well at Swansea City,' says Owls captain

Captain Glenn LoovensCaptain Glenn Loovens
Captain Glenn Loovens
His quirky analogies and colourful turns of phrase have made Carlos Carvalhal a big hit in the Premier League.

And Wednesday captain Glenn Loovens admits he is delighted to see his former boss thriving at Swansea City.

Carvalhal has not looked back since departing the Owls on Christmas Eve, winning six of his 11 fixtures with the Swans and lifting them out of the relegation zone.

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“I’m really pleased for him that he’s doing so well,” said Loovens. “Carlos deserves it.”

The Portuguese chief’s charming personality and enthusiasm has lifted the mood in South Wales.

Loovens said: “He had one or two (analogies) with us. We heard about the fish and I remember the (bank) notes!

“He’s a nice character to have around. Most of all I’m pleased for him.”

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After moving to the Libery Stadium, Carvalhal changed Swansea’s set-up. He altered their system from 4-3-3 to 3-5-2.

“He’s changed a bit as well for the Premier League,” he said. “I’ve got no doubt he’ll change it again for the game coming up.”

Carvalhal’s time at Wednesday ended on a low note. He left the club languishing in 15th position following a seven-match winless streak.

Loovens said: “This is football; things happen the way they happen. We had a lot of injuries, we didn’t contribute as well, the results were not there and then something is always going to happen in football.

“Unfortunately for Carlos it was time for him to move on.”

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Although their results deteriorated towards the end of Carvalhal’s reign, Loovens is adamant the Owls made big strides under the enigmatic Portuguese chief.

He said: “He came in and we had two great seasons with him with near-miss promotions. I think he gave the club a little bit of belief back. OK, this year didn’t work out the way it was supposed to but that’s football at times.” Carvalhal is hoping to get a good reception back in Sheffield, saying: “I have said I am an Owl and I will be an Owl forever.

“We had one play-off final and one semi-final, and they were unbelievable and very strong emotional moments, that makes me think I will be part of the club forever.”