Sheffield Wednesday: Hard to put our trust in MM and DJ

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For yet another game at Hillsborough this season we produced a dismal performance, writes Steve Walmsley.

We made Huddersfield look like world-beaters in the first half by playing a yard slower and giving the ball away regularly and cheaply.

And for the third game on the bounce we were totally bypassed in midfield. The half-time substitutions peppered things up a bit; for 15 minutes we actually got near them and they looked a mid-table team as a result.

Sadly it didn’t last and one cheaply-conceded corner resulted in the blue-and-white shirts having chins resting on them for the duration.

DJ keeps telling us that that spirits are high in the camp but anyone who witnessed this timid derby performance would not believe it. A funereal atmosphere pervaded three stands for the last 25 minutes - resignation and apathy rather than anger. Did everyone, like me, think DJ must get the sack after this?

However, he was given a lukewarm vote of confidence. MM didn’t answer a question on whether DJ is the man to sort things but did confirm he’s not being sacked this week!

MM also confirmed that the club has taken out another loan of £1.5 million, which is being guaranteed by a Pini Zahavi company linked to another mortgage against the value of the stadium.

Meanwhile we are expected to ignore all the evidence of the need for worry and trust MM - oh, and possibly DJ, even if it’s for this week only! You couldn’t make it up. If this was at S2 there would be shoes off in the John St car-park!