Sheffield Wednesday fan's column: Who's to blame for Owls slump? They all are

My two-year-old is living up the reputation of all two-year-olds.
Owls Carlos Carvalhal.....Pic Steve EllisOwls Carlos Carvalhal.....Pic Steve Ellis
Owls Carlos Carvalhal.....Pic Steve Ellis

“It’s a phase,” everyone tells you. “He’ll get over it.”

His development in some areas is painfully slow. I love him, but he’s driving me crazy at the moment.

Now swap ‘two-year-old’ for ‘Sheffield Wednesday player’ and see if it sounds familiar?

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There’s been a shift this week about who’s to blame for the slump in results. One win in five matches has had fans questioning Carvalhal’s ability to develop this team further.

This week, however, it’s the players who have come under scrutiny.

Alan Biggs and Chris Holt have examined this in their Star columns, but Jack Hunt has also admitted that the players are under-performing and need to start taking responsibility for their actions.

Being placed on the public naughty step after the Bolton Wanderers game seems to have woken the players up to the fact that their inactions have consequences.

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We are in that frustrating period where we know there are issues, we don’t know how to solve them, and we’re hoping it will just get better over time. The Owls’ are still in touch with the play-offs, but we’re only a few losses away from the bottom.

So when do we ask experts for help? Chansiri appears to want to control recruitment, Carlos doesn’t know how to utilise some of the signings, and the players are becoming increasingly abject.

Who is going to break this stalemate?

No one person is to blame, collectively they all need to take responsibility and come up with a plan to develop us into the high functioning team we know we’re capable of being.

When I was at the end of my tether last week and willing my toddler to talk so we could communicate what his frustrations were, he turned to my parents and said: “Is it Wednesday?” It’s an excellent question little one.