Sheffield Wednesday fan's column: Carlos Carvalhal has to go for the good of Wednesday

There is a time in any tumultuous relationship where you have to ask yourselves the big question; is what we have together worth saving?

Friday, 15th December 2017, 4:45 am
Carlos Carvalhal

You can cast your mind back to the good times. The two play-off places, beating Arsenal in the League Cup, finishing in our league highest positions for over a decade but when things are going wrong are the past good times enough to salvage a relationship?

The expectations of this relationship have been set. It’s like telling someone you’re going to propose every year, but when the time comes instead of a shiny diamond ring, you get a bracelet instead. Still nice but not necessarily what was promised, hence the disappointment.

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After the Norwich City match, I said it out loud for the first time. Carlos Carvalhal has to go for the good of the club. I don’t say this because I don’t like the man. I think he’s brought some interesting ideas to the club and worked hard to implement something new. What was clear from the second half was that the rut we are in is just getting deeper and the resentment is washing away any affection between the supporters and Carlos.Norwich hadn’t won at home since September. To capitulate in the way that we did was frankly embarrassing. I was embarrassed by the player’s commitment. Embarrassed by Carlos’ ‘solutions’ to our problems.

We can’t keep saying we’re missing key players like Fernando Forestieri and Sam Hutchinson, those players on that pitch have won plenty of matches without their contributions.

This is all moot because Mr Chansiri has made it clear that Carvalhal is ‘family’ and that he doesn’t believe in letting people go.

Where does this leave us? In an increasingly loveless relationship between the fans and head coach? It’s hard to imagine Christmas is going to be a joyful season. We might shock everyone and get a result against Wolves tonight, but it won’t hide the cracks.