Sheffield Wednesday fan column – We’re now paying the price for paying the price

Fernando Forestieri
Fernando Forestieri
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It’s official – we’re under a temporary transfer embargo and have been since April.

The announcement at the Fans’ Forum on Monday evening has clarified what most Wednesdayites had suspected during pre-season.

So what are our options?

We get promoted, our money worries are over, ticker tape parade.

Well not entirely. If we don’t sell high value/ high earning players, to plug the drain of money out of the club we risk losing them anyway at the end of the season because they’re out of contract.

Westwood, Lee, Bannan, Hooper and Joao are among those out of contract next summer.

If these players choose to leave, even in the unlikely scenario that we become a top flight club, we would be piecing together a squad.

We also wouldn’t get any money for these players if they choose to play out their contract. This means no new money from player sales. We would be reliant on receiving increased TV rights money.

The other, more likely scenario, would be to sell high value players now or in January. This makes our chances of promotion akin to finding a solid gold unicorn in a field of four leaf clovers. A slip down the league is potentially a more believable direction for the club.

Katrien Miere told fans the club have been fighting against parachute payments but other Championship clubs voted down a review. Understandable when vast swathes of these clubs are benefitting from this Premier League failure payment.

When clubs like Stoke City are receiving a reported £40m parachute payment for one season – which is £1m more than we are allowed to lose in three years – what chance do Wednesday have?

We had a nice time spending the money and dreaming of promotion. It didn’t work.

Now we have to start paying for it and unfortunately this means increased prices for us the fans. We are officially in between a rock and a very hard place.