Sheffield Wednesday fan column: Silence, mystery and fears for the future '“ Hillsborough is more Brexit than Sheffield, and then there's Luhukay and SWEXIT

It's all gone a bit Brexit at Hillsborough. Â

Thursday, 8th November 2018, 2:26 pm
Updated Monday, 12th November 2018, 7:50 pm

There are fans shouting about wanting their club back and regaining control. Then there are those who are saying financially it would be stupid and what will we do if Dejphon Chansiri walks away?

Nobody knows what the deal is, how it is going to affect us or how long this situation is going to go on for. Sound familiar?

After the Norwich City capitulation the atmosphere among the fans was described as '˜toxic' with some supporters challenging Mr Chansiri at the back of the South Stand. The cigarette he was smoking didn't seem to be calming his nerves either.To some fans Mr Chansiri's regime is the epitome of the EU; too many levels of bureaucracy and the perception that their hard earned money is being spent on the wrong things.

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Economically our situation is a hard sell to fans because in essence we are helping to repay debt for successive failed promotion campaigns.

The line that we have been fed about paying more on tickets, merchandise etc was so that Wednesday can compete to attract the best players '“ but it no longer has any sway.

We have the players we have and thinking we're going to be better off in the near future is just wishful thinking.

Fans are already negotiating Jos Luhukay's '˜SWexit'. There are cries of '˜fake news' when Luhukay finally addressed the issue of MIA (Missing in Action) Keiren Westwood. He's been injured for three weeks apparently.

'Oh, OK,' say the fans, 'so why didn't you articulate this at the pre-match press conference and what about the months before that?'

Because of the silence from the club about certain subjects it won't matter what is communicated from now on '“ some fans will just feel they are being misled. The trust has broken between the fan base and the establishment and even writing missives on the side of a bus won't bond the two easily.

It feels, with Derby day imminent, that this could be a watershed moment.

Win, lose or draw against Sheffield United there will be a reaction to what happens but I don't think anyone will agree on what the solution is.