Sheffield Wednesday fan column: '˜It's been tough to be a Wednesday fan this year but there's hope for 2019'

Owls fans at Middlesborough on Boxing day.......Pic Steve EllisOwls fans at Middlesborough on Boxing day.......Pic Steve Ellis
Owls fans at Middlesborough on Boxing day.......Pic Steve Ellis
Every Wednesdayite got what they wanted for Christmas this year.

Luhukay's gone, we saw the return of Westwood and Hutchinson, six points, two wins and two clean sheets. Merry Christmas.

The relief is palpable. The relegation hole we were digging ourselves into is no longer being dug with spoons, the excavators are back.

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The presence of Hutchinson in midfield has allowed Bannan to play at his creative best and provided protection for the defence. Westwood has commanded and calmed that defence.

It's not rocket science is it? Why did Luhukay make it look so painfully difficult for 12 months?

We know there are issues off the pitch and they remain. We know he had a difficult time with transfers and availability of injured players. We also know he struggled with this league and the language.

However, what can't be forgiven is what he was in control of and that was the team selections, the tactics and the relationships with the players.

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The positive he brought to the club was that our academy was finally utilised and we got to see the talent we have.

Without him we wouldn't have seen Penney or Thorniley get first team experience and for that I am grateful to him.

The spectre of Sheffield Wednesday 2018 is gone. I wonder if mushrooms might be back on the menu in the canteen again?

So what will the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come show us?

Most think that it will be Steve Bruce.

A manager once described as 'yesterday's man' because he doesn't believe in tactics. This man also went on to take Hull City up to the Premier League (as we gut-wrenchingly know) and took Aston Villa from the bottom half of the Championship to the play-offs, after these comments were made.

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The immediate future is beat West Brom, as we should have done at home, and bring in the New Year with a result against Birmingham City.

It's been tough to be a Wednesdayite this year.

Like the mushrooms banned from the club canteen, we have been kept in the dark and fed a lot of manure for most of this season.

What we'd like for the rest of the season is to see daylight between us and those three relegation places.