Sheffield Wednesday fan column: How much more damage can Kieran Lee take?

Kieran LeeKieran Lee
Kieran Lee
My mobile phone went up to electronics heaven this week.

The mobile handset has had some hammer '“ a smashed screen from a drop in a supermarket car park the first week I got it and a corner missing at the back from dropping it out of a car (don't ask). It didn't survive yet another quarterback throw from my toddler when YouTube started playing yet another advert during his favourite cartoon.

There was no coming back from this, it just wouldn't switch on.

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When I read about Kieran Lee's short lived return from injury I couldn't help but look at the smashed mobile on my desk and wonder how more damage can the unlucky midfielder can get through?

Lee and Gary Hooper were deemed fit enough to play in the U23s match against Colchester United during the week. The distant sound of beer bottle caps being opened sounded around Sheffield at the welcome news.

The good news is that Hooper came through his opening game unscathed but for the unfortunate Lee it was 15 minutes of pain for no gain.

Lee's hip was the major injury that kept him out of the team for large chunk of last season. It's believed to be his knee this time. It could be a few weeks or longer. The scan results await.

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I for one would love to see Kieran Lee back masterminding the midfield at Hillsborough and I hope that he doesn't reach the point of no return.

As for the rest of the team, they return hopefully refreshed and ready to resume their run of results.

Stoke City are the visitors and we haven't played them in the league for ten years. It was so long ago the forward line we played that day was Deon Burton, Ben Sahar, Wade Small and Frank Songo'o who scored the 82nd minute equaliser. Hands up if you'd forgotten at least two of those players played for us.

Stoke still seem shell shocked from dropping out of the Premier League cocoon. Let's hope they haven't had the chance to regroup over the international break and we haven't lost the momentum we gained before it.